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Our new home and kennel located in Winston, GA, just 17 miles outside of Atlanta!
New Puppy
Our newest addition, October's Summer Soltice v Whitehaus 10 weeks,  co-bred with Caryl White of Whitehaus Bernese in California is a son of October's Cassiope Chemistri ( a "Missy" x "Pluggen, Jr. daughter) x Can. Ch. Alpenlieb's Christmas Spirit
Ch. October's Real Good Time "Iko" Winning the National Specialty

Our goal at October Kennels has always been to better the breed by breeding sound, healthy dogs that can not only excel in the show ring but that also make temperamentally sound companions. We have been breeding and exhibiting dogs since 1972. Our first Bernese Mountain Dog was Ch. Arthos October V. Berndash. He was purchased in 1984 after a seven year search for a Bernese. He became the #1 Bernese Mountain Dog in the U.S. in 1989, both in number of Bernese defeated and number of group points, a three-time Best in Show winner, and a Top Producer of well over 25 American Show Champions. Although he is no longer with us he lives on in our breeding program. Most of our dogs are his grand, great-grand and great-great-grand get.

We strive to breed a nice blocky head, good bone, and a true "Bernese look". We avoid low ear sets, bad toplines, poor fronts and rears, light eyes, etc. We aim for large dogs, but size is very difficult to predict. We have repeated the same breeding three times and gotten three different size get. Temperament is paramount. Every effort is made to pair for temperaments that are outgoing, friendly and confident, as shy, fearful temperaments were a problem in the breed for many years.

We try to match pups with prospective homes and family living situations. We ask all first-time puppy applicants to fill out a questionnaire to help us know more about you and your family, please click on e-mail and send us your mailing address for a questionnaire. It will also give us some insight into what you need to know about health concerns in raising a puppy. Puppies are not sold on a "pick" basis, only "show quality" or "pet". We are very selective about the dogs that we choose as show quality and those are reserved for people who have a background in showing. Should you want to begin showing we are happy to work with you. Since we select so few as show quality, we cannot fill the demand for those who just want a show quality dog to have as a pet. That doesn't mean you cannot purchase a perfectly marked dog, as markings are not all there is to a show dog. Every litter contains a little of both and we do our best to make you happy. We select for overall balance, correct angulation, topline and other features too numerous to mention.

The purpose of this web site is to give you an overall impression of our breeding stock, past and present. Some dogs are no longer living but are still very important as our roots.

We try very hard to keep our coefficient of inbreeding low to increase life span and vigor.

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